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"ARTS FRANCE" is the only company on earth to have the skill to control the latest technology, invented by its own team, necessary to realize and manage high quality shows.

A) Pyrotechnics controlled by PYRODIGITAL* ©:

"Pyrodigital*" is an entirely digital system which precisely controls as many firings as desired from a maximum distance of 3 kilometers. We have gotten rid of the inconveniences of the old methods, allowing us a unique suppleness for any pyrotechnical orspecial effects.

B) The surround sound system "SURROUND - PROLOGIC":

You have seen films in movie theaters equipped with PROLOGIC. This system greatly amplifies the film's effects by using a 3D sound environment and the impact of low infrasonic frequency modulation on our bodies.

The equipment existed for cinemas but not for sites of a few acres and 20, 30, 40 or 50 000 spectators.
This is now possible, with systems created especially for these shows.

It isn't enough to simply reproduce sound. It is necessary to record the sound track of your show with this new echnology. For this reason we work with the latest recording equipment: multi - tracks, digital, digicoded.

C) Special effects:

Our shows incorporate special effects until now used only in film making. With us, a new range of extraordinary effects never seen before by spectators has become available.


The setting of fireworks is very precise, both artistically and from a security viewpoint. We make sure our teams are supervised by a professional pyrotechnician. Safety is a priority.

- Our teams are made up of technicians who specialize in special effects.

 PYRODIGITAL: © property of "ARTS FRANCE".


The members of the main team of Arts France come from various artistic professions, such as the film and music industries. Our principal aim is to create an artistic and unique firework experience which is more than simply : "Look at that Blue one ! Look at that red one !"

No, it just doesn't take someone to line up rockets to start a show. The bombs and rockets are the paint and the paint brush of a pyrotechnical artist, his tools. The result of his work determines if he's a painter or an artist. The value of his creation, the value of the show.

Summary of spectacles

PYRODIGITAL is a registered trademark of  "ARTS FRANCE".

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