With Arts France,
you entrust your event to the best 
and to the greatest Circuses in France.

A circus tent can be set up almost anywhere :
Soirée au Cercle de l'Union Interalliéein town, in the country, in a park, in a company courtyard, …

 Soirée au Cercle de l'Union InteralliéeAnd, they come in all sizes ! 

The interior ofSoirée au Cercle de l'Union Interalliée a tent adapts to all your needs and all your dreams : from the interior equipped to seat a maximum number to a large surface where tables or a stage can be placed.

 Une jolie Mariée, sur un bel éléphant !A traditional spectacle but also parades, animations... 


A spectacle created for your event or your presentation. 

An interactive spectacle where during the evening your guests will participate in the spectacle and live with the circus. 

A spectacle presented by your guests, after a short but serious training will be apt to produce your Gala of Artists. With the circus, just let your imagine go. Everything is possible. 

A fashion show, a company seminar, a cocktail, an end of year dinner, a marriage, a birthday.

Le cirque...

Let your imagination fall into this tide of ideas. A tide of press returns, a tide of unusual presentations, a tide of really original presentations.

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