Fairgrounds: The attractions

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The caterpillar

Like fireworks and the circus, 
the fairground is a deep-rooted part of our childhood.
Use the fairground for your event, 
you're sure of success


Because the fairground alone is magic, pleasure, strength and full of appeal, your brand will certainly be associated to these qualities by your guests. It is certain success because you know that your guests will spend an unforgettable moment and thanks to you, relive their most fantastic childhood and adult dreams.
Outside or inside, for an event or a pole of attraction, everything is possible. Anyway in France, in Europe, let yourself be guided to the land of dreams.
From an attraction or animation to an entire fairground for you and your guests, 
everything is possible

Manège voltigeur 1930
Flying Attraction 1930
16m diameter 
in action
Ejection Seat
Ride for 2 people
Up to 45m high

Ranger Height 20m seats 32
40 tons
Grande roue panoramique 1900
Panoramic Big Wheel height: 28m
Manège Caroussel avec chevaux de bois & Orgue limonaire
Carousel with wooden horses and barrel-organ
Caroussel 1886 avec chevaux de bois, 45 places & le Petit Train
Carousel 1886 with wooden horses 45 places
& little train
Manèges à grande sensations 
Big thrill attraction
Train Fantôme au salon International de l'Habillement Maculin
Ghost train at the Men's Clothing exhibition

Palais des Glaces
  Glass of mirrors

Antique musical instruments

Barrel organ

Mortar organ
Piano accordion

Pipe organ


Piano violin
Steinway piano

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